.. with the help of AITServices, they designed and integrated a manufacturing system to automate our steel operations.

CEO Southern cast

AITServices moved us from a paper system to using a computerized Customer Relation management system that allowed me to get repeat sales and contacting customers automatically.

Owner, Jewelry

AITServices worked with me to develop my website and shopping cart system to sell educational products to schools all over the country with ease. They taught me how to update and add products without any assistance.

CEO. Big Brazos

AITServices helped our company from mountain of paper every month to digitalized our internal processes to practical paperless environment. Saving us thousands of dollars from paper supplies and paper storage. Thank you to the AITServices team.

Joe D. CEO,
Perimeter Marketing

EDI data transfer and Transformation. AITServices improved and identified deficiencies within our systems. Without their knowledgeable and commitment to our project, it would have cost our company millions in revenues.

Daniel S.

With AITServices commitment to success, they have brought high level of knowledge to application performances. They brought focus, agility and success to software development project.

Daniel L.
PM, Smith Food